“Jeff’s Fearless Tennis system helps players learn difficult mental skills that make the difference between winning and losing.”

-Wayne Ferreira, Former No. 10 ATP Tour, Semi-Finals Australian Open


”Jeff has the rare ability to both inspire and teach people how to be their best when it counts. Few in the world of sport psychology have earned and merited such universal respect.”

-Dick Gould, Former Stanford University Coach, 6 times NCAA Champion


“The strategies and ideas that Jeff brings to the table will not only help you perform better under pressure on the court, but it will help you perform in life. The way that Jeff can get you to elevate your own level of thinking and perspective through his strategies is unique. His ability to relate to players is an added element that truly sets him apart.”

-Patrick Kypson, World-Ranked ATP Tour Player, Former Two-Time Winner Kalamazoo


“Jeff’s competitive experience and his climb to number one in the world in the 35s bring depth, dimension, and authenticity to his voice and his suggestions.  Jeff’s approach to fearless tennis represents a real contribution to the field of applied sports psychology and is helpful for every serious competitive tennis player.”

-Jim Loehr, Ed.D, CEO Human Performance Institute


Jeff has consulted with our elite coaches for many years and his sessions are always interactive, fun, and, most importantly, user-friendly. Coaches walk away from his sessions with “can-do” action items that immediately help them improve their skills and interactions with their 

-Dr. Mark Kovacs, Ph.D.USTA Coaching Education & Sport Science


“Jeff’s strategies have helped me since I was 10 years old to develop the grit, intensity, and mental approach I need to play at the highest level of the game.”

-Alexis Canter, No. 2 in Great Britain


“ Jeff’s work with our team was vital in preparing us for an NCAA title run. His principles helped them stay poised in times of crisis, confident, and focused when the championship was within their grasp. Jeff offers the perfect blend of competitive savvy and professional training which is unique within this field. He was a difference maker for us.”

-Paul Settles, Head Coach, Claremont McKenna


“Transitioning as a top junior to Collegiate & professional tennis, learning systematic routines early on is vital in any sport. Jeff Greenwald has introduced proven formulas, which have impacted the kid’s thought processes and routines in productive ways on and off the court. These tools will serve the kids well at each stage of development and continually enforce the growth mindset.”

-Dan Willman, Director of Tennis, NW High Performance


Jeff’s playing background and knowledge of the game are extremely important to us and have helped him connect with our players. He understands the pressures and pitfalls of high-level tennis and has created a systematic way to help our players improve. The online Fearless Tennis Course has been a great way for our kids to be self-reliant and work through videos, homework, and practical on-court sessions to improve their mental abilities.

I have seen a dramatic improvement in our player’s preparation for practices and matches along with their ability to be resilient and handle challenges with confidence. There is no doubt that Jeff has been the leading force behind this improvement.”

-Brian Wilson, USTA Faculty Coach Director- Northwest High-Performance Tennis


“Jeff’s mental toughness courses really helped me stay focused on the court. Before doing his program I would not have been able to beat two players I had previously lost to. I was able to focus my mind on the present and not focus on the score as much. He taught me many strategies that helped me think less and play more on my terms.”

-Caroline Pozo, D1 Collegiate Player, Northwestern University


“Working with Jeff provides me with a psychological compass on what is needed to improve. I understand why I play well and how to repeat it. I am playing looser, more focused tennis and Jeff has helped me make the crucial adjustments in matches, which has made all the difference for me.”

-Santiago Cardenas, D1 Recruit, San Diego State


“In just the short time I have been working with Jeff, my mental game has seen significant progress. I no longer buy into the self-sabotage that often perpetuated my game, but put myself in the best position to perform whenever I take the court. Jeff’s unique perspective as a player has given me the perfect blend of relatability and the science of sports psychology, to accelerate my growth.”

-Caelan Potts, D1 Player, St. Mary’s College


“Jeff has helped me become calmer on the court and a lot more composed in tight situations. I have been able to stay looser even in tighter situations and I can play my game on my own terms. I’ve also learned how to play with more intention rather than loosely playing points.”

– Toby Luo, 11.5 UTR


“The work Coach Jeff and I did off the court truly allowed me to take my mental game and confidence to the next level. I learned to commit to a process, shift my focus when it mattered, and play the big points at my highest level. I have learned countless skills because of our work driven by Jeff’s approach to fearless tennis.”

-Mason Bui, 11.2 UTR


“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a psychologist who understands sports with as much breadth and depth as Jeff Greenwald.  This is a man who thoroughly understands the competitive dynamic – the ups, the downs, and all in between.  One key reason for this expertise is that Jeff is a lifelong player – an excellent player who has won national titles.  But even more, Jeff has rigorously studied the competition and has been able to uncover insights and develop workable techniques that help athletes.  Better yet, he continues to ask questions and seek new answers.”

-Joel Drucker, Author, Writer for Tennis Magazine and Tennis Channel