Parent Consultation

“Jeff has given us the tools to help our son control his emotions in competition. He is more successful and enjoying tennis more than we all imagined. We are forever grateful to Jeff.”

-Keith Hays, Parent

Mental Game Coach for Parents of Young Athletes

Raising an emotionally intelligent athlete is a great challenge and opportunity. Sports will challenge families to create the right balance of discipline, engagement, motivation and sacrifice. Science now delivers answers to the most common questions regarding how to pick the right sport, when to specialize, how to mange the emotional roller coaster of winning and losing and how to cultivate the right “state” for sustained peak performance. Sports psychology consultant Jeff Greenwald, two-time world-champion, has played competitive sports since he was 7 years old and left home for the Nick Bollettierri tennis academy (now IMG Academy) in his adolescence. He knows what it takes to succeed and will share the latest science on how to create an optimal environment for your athlete to succeed over time.

Jeff’s consultations will help you:

  • Know exactly what to say and do when your child is struggling with confidence
  • How to increase motivation and not squash their enjoyment
  • Manage your child’s relationship with their coach to enhance communication
  • Help your child learn how to bounce back after mistakes or losses
  • Manage outbursts, disappointment, performance anxiety and loss of motivation
  • Set appropriate boundaries and consequences

Sports psychology consultant and mental game coach, Jeff Greenwald, teaches competitive athletes, teens and parents how to win under pressure.