Welcome to solving the problem of Getting Tight.


The mental, emotional & strategic parts of tennis have historically been taught separately.
That just ended.


Getting Tight is the modern-day video version of The Inner Game Of Tennis. Craig O’Shannessy and Jeff Greenwald combine their specific skill sets to help you with the universal problem all players struggle with in matches – Getting Tight.

This robust 27-chapter video course is a first-of-its-kind, taught by the world’s leading strategy analyst and an internationally recognized sport psychology consultant, formerly ranked No. 1 in the world in 35’s.

Getting Tight is a blueprint for tennis players at all levels of our sport to be smarter strategically, stronger mentally and calmer emotionally.

This unique course follows the journey of Jeff’s National 40’s semi-final against former Top 20 player, Francisco Clavet. There is nothing better than having a real-life example to teach real-life lessons.

The following video is a snapshot of the course. Enjoy!

Getting Tight Promo Video

Getting Tight is a robust video course that includes 27 chapters & 325 “mini-lessons.”

  1. Introduction Video
  2. Permission To Miss
  3. Getting Hijacked
  4. Pre-Match: Expectations
  5. Pre-Match: Visualize
  6. Pre-Match: Filters
  7. Pre-Match: Arousal
  8. Set 1: Adrenalin
  9. Set 1: Internally Focused
  10. Set 1: Permission Slips
  11. Sets 2&3: Exhausted
  12. Sets 2&3: Survival Mode
  13. Sets 2&3: Backhand Permission
  14. Match Analytics 1
  15. Match Analytics 2
  16. Match Analytics 3
  17. Match Analytics 4
  18. Match Analytics 5
  19. On Court – Return
  20. On Court – Backhand Line
  21. On Court – Drop Shots
  22. Francisco Clavet 1
  23. Francisco Clavet 2
  24. Francisco Clavet 3
  25. Review 1
  26. Review 2
  27. Review 3