Learn How to Strategically Conquer the Court

Historically, the mental, emotional, and strategic parts of tennis have been taught separately. That ends now!

Do you want to have better control when you play a match so that you don't get hijacked by your nerves or too much overthinking?


Getting Tight


With the world’s number one leading tennis strategy analyst Craig O’Shannessy and internationally acclaimed sports psychologist and bestselling author of "The Best Tennis of Your Life", Jeff Greenwald


Jeff Greenwald

Jeff is an internationally recognized sports psychology consultant, author of The Best Tennis of Your Life, formerly No. 1 in the world and ITF World-Champion in the Men's 35's and Men's 45's. Jeff has worked with thousands of players with pros, college players, nationally ranked juniors and league players for the past 25 years. He was inducted into the Northern California Hall of Fame in 2019.

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Craig O'Shannessy

Craig O’Shannessy teaches with first-hand knowledge! Unveiling an approach to the game with the same expertise in the strategy used to develop Team Novak Djokovic, that led to FOUR Grand Slam titles and back to back Wimbledon titles!

There is nothing better than having a real-life example to teach real-life lessons.


Have you ever walked away from a tennis match knowing you could have played better if you just would have given yourself permission to take a risk and strike earlier? This course is for YOU if you’ve ever wanted to craft your skills to play...

  • Smarter strategically
  • Stronger mentally
  • Calmer emotionally

Ready to take your matches to the next level?

This 27 chapter course (with a total of 325 mini-lessons) covers important topics for the court like:

  • Missing Less Often
  • Letting Go of Expectations
  • Reducing Anxiety/Adrenaline
  • Playing Loose Under Pressure
  • Strategy Adjustments That Work
  • Leveraging Match Statistics to Win

This course is the FIRST of its kind!

You’ll learn from the real-life lessons from Jeff Greenwald, renowned sport psychologist and author of The Best Tennis of Your Life, as he walks you through his experience in a National Semi-Final match that will address all of your most common mental errors

You’ll even have the opportunity to hear from one of his Top 20 opponents - Francisco Clavet.

Imagine the unique opportunity of hearing from a top sport psychologist who also happens to be a former No. 1 ITF world-ranked player talking about the inner game against a player who defeated Roger Federer and Andre Agassi.

What do players have to say about these world-class tennis coaches and the course, Getting Tight?

“Craig has helped raise my awareness of the game of tennis by making complicated statistics simple to understand and use during matches.”

-Magnus Norman, Former No. 2 Player In The World

"I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you lay things out in the course. Picking a match you lost to focus on would’ve been hard for a lot of people. But it was a good choice since there are in that match instances of both big successes and hard lessons learned. That took humility and grace."

-Dave Ryan, 4.5 player

“Jeff’s mental toughness courses really helped me stay focused on the court. Before doing his program I would not have been able to beat two players I had previously lost to. I was able to focus my mind on the present and not focus on the score as much.”

-Caroline Pozo, D1 Collegiate Player, Northwestern University

"It’s no secret that being mentally strong on the court is a huge part of success at any level of the game. I am still young but I feel like I have a much better grasp on what I need to do now to play at my highest level, thanks to the strategies in this course. In Getting Tight, Jeff and Craig have helped me stay focused in the present and stay calm in the big moments so I can execute my strategy."

-Jenna DeFalco, Top D1 Recruit

"I love that it this is centered around a real match. I know I’ll be able to absorb the lessons because I can visualize, feel the points—it’s almost as if I have experienced them myself! If I get hit by a sudden burst of nerves, I'll use Jeff’s experience to guide me. If I am muscling my forehand, I'll commit to releasing it. I can picture that. With great congratulations on such an imaginative and spirited course! Your enthusiasm spills over!"

-Brookes Byrd, Winner of her first gold ball at 75 years of age

Getting Tight isn’t just for players going after ITF titles! Getting Tight is uniquely built for tennis players of ALL levels just like you!!

It’s time to overcome the universal problem that ALL players struggle with! It’s time to master your Tightness! Let Craig and Jeff show you the way.