Fearless Tennis Coaching Program


I believe you have your best tennis inside you. I want to help you find it and I believe we can come up with the formula together. Join me in this exclusive coaching opportunity and I promise to help you master your mental game so you can play the best tennis of your life.

The Fearless Tennis Coaching Program is the first-ever personal coaching with Jeff directly. For the low monthly fee of $59.00 $49.00, you will receive the following benefits:

  • One Monthly Live Group Coaching Call with Jeff                          

  • Unlimited Access to Jeff in Facebook Group                   

  • Free Access to Jeff's New Online Video Courses                

  • New Material uploaded weekly to listen on the go        

This exclusive group is limited and now available for registration.


What will you learn?


What can you expect to gain from this special coaching opportunity with Jeff?

Play More Aggressively with Improved Decision-Making

Learn where to place your focus between points and during rallies to improve the fluidity and depth of your shots.

Access your Best State More Consistently

Identify personal pre-match and between-point routines to remain in your optimal performance state that will help you reduce unforced errors and utilize your strengths more consistently.

Win Against Players You Thought Were Better

You will learn how to develop a deeper sense of confidence called "unconditional" confidence. You will stop underestimating yourself or place opponent's on a pedestal so you can achieve the "bigger" wins that you didn't believe were possible in the past.

Drop Physical Tension Quickly/Play Looser Consistently

You will learn how to dramatically improve your ability to let go of tension instantly and recall the feeling of "looseness" as you train yourself to be loose in practice and matches..

Play Even Better Under Pressure

You will learn how to embrace pressure, shift your focus and outperform your opponent when the score gets close.

Become more Optimistic and Grateful

You will be able to expand your perspective and focus and dramatically enhance your experience on the court. You will be able to make crucial adjustments and let go of emotional negativity with Jeff's proven performance dials.

Play in the Moment and Enjoy the Game Even More

You will become more present and focus less on the past or future. You will learn how to let go of negative thoughts, become more positive and productive on demand.


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What Others Have to Say...


"Jeff has the rare ability to both inspire and teach people how to be their best when it counts. Few in the world of sport psychology have earned and merited such universal respect."

Dick Gould

Former Stanford University Coach, 6 time NCAA Champion

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More Thumbs Up...


"This course really helped me stay focused in big matches. I would not have been able to beat two players I had previously lost to without the techniques in this program. I was able to think about playing the ball and not focus on the score, which helped me play loose and play my best when it counted most."

-Caroline Pozo, D1 Recruit


So How Does it Work?


All correspondence will take place in the Fearless Tennis Facebook Coaching Group. You will have the opportunity to share your breakthroughs and ask questions before, during or after tournaments.

This format has proved to be very effective to create social support and increase momentum. Jeff will also be posting exclusive video, audio and content just for you based on the issues that emerge and matchplay secrets you need.

Drawing on his success as a two-time ITF Senior Champion and 20 years of work with players of all levels, Jeff will be sharing the most successful strategies that are guaranteed to help you reach your potential.

Are You Ready?