Coach & Academy Consultation

Jeff’s mental training programs have helped many high-level coaches develop practical strategies that teach junior tennis players how to let go under pressure, access a “looser” state in competition and play even better in competition. Through one-on-one consultations and group mental training he draws on his extensive background as a world-ranked tennis player and sport psychology consultant to create year-long on and off-court mental training programs.

Jeff’s customized programs include curriculum content, on-site visits with exhibition matches that highlight key mental game skills in the context of competition. This unique approach inspires junior tennis players to absorb and practice what they learn to develop mental toughness in competition. Jeff works closely with you on the phone and Skype in addition to scheduled webinars for parents and players to optimize their learning.

Tennis Tactics to Help Develop Mentally Tough Tennis Skills

Coach & Academy Consultation

Jeff’s mental training programs will help you:

  • Teach athletes to reduce performance anxiety and stay looser under pressure
  • Increase athlete’s confidence and level of personal engagement
  • Reduce athletes resistance to making changes for long-term success
  • improve communication with parents and how to set up a parent forum that sets your program apart

Partial list of the coaches and organizations Jeff has worked with:

  • USTA High Performance, Carson
  • College Park, Maryland
  • Lawn Tennis Association
  • Stanford Men’s Tennis Team
  • Claremont McKenna Men’s and Women’s teams
  • Czech Tennis Federation
  • UCF Men’s Team
  • Pacific Northwest Seattle Academy