Mental Coaching for Athletes

Jeff Greenwald teaches competitive athletes at all levels how to be mentally tough and win under pressure. Jeff is a two-time ITF World-Champion, best-selling author and internationally recognized sport psychology consultant. His private one-on-one coaching and dynamic mental toughness workshops will teach you how to embrace pressure, overcome performance anxiety, and shift your focus on demand. With this mental game approach you will learn how to create a process-based mindset that will have you performing at your peak quickly.


The Mental Edge Sports Programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • How to finally master performance anxiety and compete with a more relaxed-focus
  • How to re-create your optimal performance state before matches
  • How to develop powerful personal between-point routines
  • How to silence your inner critic and shift focus like world-class pros
  • How to understand your mental “traps”and develop a toolkit to perform at your peak

Individual Consultations:

  • Track athlete’s progress on a weekly basis with written evaluations
  • Includes imagery and relaxation training
  • Positive self-talk, routines, and goal setting
  • Identifying personal blocks and creating a new mental approach
  • Requires active participation from client

One-on-one sessions with Jeff, provide a highly personalized experience for the athlete and are scheduled weekly for the initial phase of work. Monthly retainers are also offered for highly motivated and pro athletes. These sessions are conducted in the office, Skype or Zoom video and on the court for tennis players. Athletes will be encouraged to keep notes on their performances each week, fulfill their weekly “action” agreements and goals, and stay connected with Mr. Greenwald in their personal mental training space online.

Group Workshops

The mental training workshops range from a one-time (2-3 hours) to two-day sessions. Please contact Jeff to learn more about how you can customize a mental training workshop for your athletes or coaches.

Tennis mental toughness is about learning the inner game of tennis