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Hello and thank you for visiting. I'm Jeff Greenwald, a former professional tennis player, clinical therapist specializing in sports and performance psychology, and author of "The Best Tennis of Your Life." While, I specialize in the mental game for tennis players, I work with athletes in a large range of sports and have for more than two decades.

What is my approach based on? I help athletes play more freely and replicate this from even to event. They become more courageous, more focused and fearless.

What does it mean to be fearless in competition?

Over two decades ago, I discovered what it truly feels like to play loose in competition--consistently. Using what have become my three performance dials (Focus, Loose and Intensity), I became the World No. 1 in my age group, winning two World Championships and 13 National titles. I have been helping athletes, and thousands of tennis players, worldwide, find freedom on and off the court/field since 1997.

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"Jeff's fearless tennis system makes the difference between winning and losing." -Wayne Ferreira, Semi-Finalist Australian Open

Are you ready to play with FREEDOM...and WIN more?

The Best Tennis of Your Life is an inspirational and practical guide that will help players of all levels to FINALLY master the mental game. Author Jeff Greenwald draws from his unique background as a world-class player, sport psychology consultant, psychotherapist, and former coach to provide 50 specific tools you can immediately apply in any match situation.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to:

• Embrace nerves and play even better under pressure
• Maintain confidence to win more consistently
• Develop a pin-point focus
• Access an ideal level of intensity
• Play with a renewed sense of passion and freedom

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Mental game of tennis

What’s it Like to Play Against Novak Djokovic?

By Jeff Greenwald

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to play the best player in the world?  Last week I spoke with one of my long-term clients who happened to play him just two weeks ago in the Australian Open (I often work with players in the U.S and abroad via video). Two days after…

Closing Out Matches

By Jeff Greenwald

“We had it. It was mine. I can’t believe it. What happened? I blew it. I choked. Aaargh.” Matches at all levels are lost every day because players are unable to “close it out.” Pros, juniors, college players, and competitive league players confront this challenge universally. Interestingly, in many ways, this phenomenon is a microcosm…

The Courage to be Loose

By Jeff Greenwald

Those of you who have listened to my CD program, Fearless Tennis, or have read my book, The Best Tennis of Your Life, know that I am passionate about pushing the envelope when it comes to playing “loose.” Okay, fine. Maybe a bit obsessed. But this newsletter is not only about how to get loose.

Mental game of tennis


"Jeff has the rare ability to both inspire and teach people how to be their best when it counts. Few in the world of sport psychology have earned and merited such universal respect."

-Dick Gould
Former Stanford University Coach, 6 time NCAA Champion

"Jeff ’s competitive experience and his climb to number one in the world in the 35s brings depth, dimension and authenticity to his voice and to his suggestions. Jeff ’s approach to fearless tennis represents a real contribution to the field of applied sport psychology and is helpful for every serious competitive tennis player."

-Jim Loehr
Ed.D. CEO Human Performance Institute

"Yesterday I won the National Men’s 55 and over National Indoor Championships of Great Britain and the reason I won is because I spent 6 weeks working on the mental coaching strategies in Jeff Greenwald’s program."

-Michael Appleton
National Champion Men's 55 Great Britain